Truck Rental

Truck Rental

Taking advantage of the services offered by moving companies has its advantages. But for people who are on a tight budget, renting a truck can provide a better solution. A truck rental service also puts you in control over your own stuff. There is no risk that your furniture will be piled atop your dishes. If you decide to rent a truck for moving, here are some considerations you need to look into:

  • Rates – truck rental rates vary greatly depending on the size of the truck you want to rent and the distance involved. There are companies that may also charge a flat rate. Take note that the cost of gas is not included in the rental rate.
  • Features – how big or small do you need the truck to be? What sort of locks does it have to ensure that your boxes will stay put on the road? Finally, does the truck come with furniture pads or dollies?
  • Truck inspection – check for scratches and marks on the truck and make sure that the rental company agrees to note it down. Otherwise, you might be asked to pay for the “damages caused” later on.
  • Driving ability – driving a truck is different from driving a sedan. It is important for you to be confident in your driving abilities. In addition, you might also try going behind the wheel prior to renting the truck.

Truck rental can certainly be a great alternative to hiring a moving company. At, we have an extensive database of companies that operate in your area. Check them out and ask for a quote. You’ll be surprised by the high level of service and the competitive pricing you’ll receive.

There are several truck rental companies in the US but three companies stand out among the rest:

1. U-Haul

U-Haul has been around since 1945. It has become a household name. In fact, many people sometimes say, “We have to rent a U-Haul,” when they want to rent a moving truck.

U-Haul has a wide array of trucks for different types of moves, from pickup moving trucks for small in-town moves to a 26” moving truck (super mover) for a house with more than 4 bedrooms.

U-Haul trucks are designed to move families. These trucks are very spacious. The 26” super mover is 13% larger than their closest competitor. Despite the larger size of U-Haul trucks, their decks are lower compared to the competition. This design was meant for families to load right from their house, even if they do not hire professional movers. The trucks’ cabs are lower, making them easier to access – no climbing high steps to enter the cab. These trucks also come with the EZ-Load ramp which is wider and shorter than ramps used by competitors. U-Haul trucks also come with many safety features.

Depending on what you need for your move, you can rent a U-Haul truck for a flat rate per day plus extra per mile driven for an in-town move. The company will also give you a free quote for an out-of-state move (one way move). Sometimes, U-Haul offers special pricing when you make your reservations online. So, do some research before making a final decision.

2. Budget

Budget Truck Rental is the second largest truck rental company in the United States. It has a network of more than 2,800 corporate owned, dealer and franchised locations throughout the country.

Budget Truck Rental maintains a high quality fleet of approximately 30,000 trucks, from cargo vans to big trucks. Budget has been in operation since 1998.

With Budget, you also have the choice of paying a flat per day fee and extra per mile driven for in-town moves. Budget moving trucks can be rented for a local move or a one-way move across the country. If you want to hire Budget, take advantage of the additional discount that they give by getting the promotion code when you reserve your truck online.

3. Penske

The big yellow trucks that can be seen on US highways everyday belong to Penske. The company boasts of having more than 1,000 locations and 200,000 vehicles around the world. Their vehicles range from smaller trucks to big rigs that can pull a 52-foot trailer.

Penske’s commitment is to “address transportation and logistics challenges facing individuals, small companies and complex multinational organizations.” They offer free quotes on one way moving and in-town moving for flat per day fee plus per mile driven. Just like the U-Haul and Budget moving truck rental companies, Penske also offers discounts for online reservations.

These are the top three moving truck rental companies in the US today. If you want more details, please proceed to their website.

Moving doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. Hiring a truck rental company will help make your relocation easier and faster.