Toughest Items to Move

Moving is tough but if you’re the owner of certain items you can expect a more difficult time. These items are notoriously difficult to move, even for the professionals.

An aquarium is a particular challenge both for the unit itself and the residents within. Keep your fish in a holding container that can be used for the move. Plan on taking the aquarium and the fish in your vehicle if at all possible, as expecting them to travel in the moving van is not a good option. Drain the tank but save some of the water. This allows you to transfer the same bacteria colony at your new location and also allows you to prepare any aquarium plants for travel. Store aquarium plants in water tight bags along with some of the leftover tank water.

Potted plants are another challenge. If your plants are in breakable containers, replant them in plastic containers. This makes them lighter and allows you to pack your ceramic or glass containers carefully. Repot your plants a week or more before your move. This gives your plants some time to get used to their new pots. The plants need to be transported in a way that allows them to be in a temperature controlled environment. Since moving vans are not temperature controlled, you’ll likely need to transport plants in your own vehicle.

The piano is the classic ‘difficult’ item to move. Because of its expense and its bulk, consider hiring a piano moving specialist separately from your regular moving company. An investment piece like a piano is worth protecting.

Artwork needs to be handled with care. It usually is either expensive, or has some special sentimental value. In either case, it needs to be well protected. Bubble wrap frames and supply some type of stabilizing material to help protect framed pieces. Sculptures should be packed in boxes large enough to allow ample bubble wrapping of the piece.

Televisions are another difficult piece. If you’re lucky enough to still have the original packaging plan on using it. If not, you can either try to box the set or wrap it in moving blankets or other protective material. Use special caution when moving a plasma TV as it cannot be moved with the screen face down.

Talk to your moving company early about how they would handle any of the above items. Their response may help you in deciding how to proceed.

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