Top Myths About Moving Explained

Moving always involves a lot of important decisions to make, and maybe you can’t help but feel anxious about all the things that may go wrong.

Furthermore, there are some circulating stories about moving that you may have heard of—perhaps stories told by unsatisfied customers, or some negative feedback about a moving company that you have read from the internet—that won’t help you ease your mind.

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However, some of these stories aren’t true, and the more you know the truth about moving, the more hassle-free it would be for you.

It’s perfectly fine to be worried about how well your moving out is going to take place, so here are some myths about moving that need to be debunked, and to which you need to pay attention when choosing which moving company would be perfect for your personal needs.

Myth 1: Moving can’t be planned, and therefore, it will be a disaster.

Planning carefully and wisely reduces the risk of something going wrong. All you need is some foresight to see potential problems, and a little bit of common sense. Making the proper arrangements ahead of time will ensure that you’ll save energy, time and money, and moving will be as smooth as possible.

Sure, there are some unexpected things that may happen during moving out that may cause some difficulty, but when you’ve planned and prepared well, moving will never be a complete disaster.

Myth 2: All Moving companies offer the same quality of service, so it doesn’t matter what your choice of company is.

Moving companies are not all the same. There are many reputable movers out there that would give you your money’s worth; you just have to know how to look for them. Do some research and some background checks of all the companies you could find. Compare rates, promos, service policies and even customer feedbacks.

Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions—as their customer, it’s their job to keep you satisfied. Ask for the full details of their moving insurance; whether you could insure your items for their full value. Choosing a company that has many years of experience is probably a good idea.

Myth 3: You don’t have to pay much attention to the boxes that you’ll be using to pack your stuff.

Of course the quality of your boxes matters. Some boxes tear apart at the slightest stress, and they could cost you your appliances.Most moving companies offer professional moving boxes that are more durable and they would be able to protect your stuff more effectively.

Pack fragile items such as ceramics or small appliances in tightly-packed boxes with more protection. You could also leave the packing to the professionals from the company you hired, as they know best how to pack your stuff so that they stay safe and intact. Labeling your boxes is also probably a good idea, as this would make rearranging your items in the new place easier.

There you go. Hopefully you’ll have an easier time planning now that you know which stories to believe.

Have a pleasant moving experience!


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