Top 3 Moving Insurance Tips

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Moving from one place to another can be a very stressful. The last thing that you want to deal with would be seeing your precious possession broken, impaired, or worst missing. This is where moving insurance come in. It gives you the sense of security and the peace of mind that you need so badly considering that strangers are handling, transferring and dealing with your things.

Tip Number 1: Consider Options

There are two forms of Moving Insurance. One is Replacement Value Coverage and the other is Basic Liability. The former makes the mover responsible if any of your items are stolen, broken and the like. The latter on the other hand has more or less $.30 up to $.60 per pound of the item. Say you have an antique table weighing about 50 pounds, the movers liability to that particular item is $30.

This is why you need to consider both options carefully. Look at your stuff and determine whether you will get full benefit and protection out of Replacement Value or Basic Liability.

Tip Number 2: Filing a Claim

You need to be very particular on details. Check whether the inventory is accurate or not. As much as possible do this before leaving and after arriving. If you see any damages or broken items, it is best to immediately inform the personnel in-charge. Get his signature and sign all the other paperwork that might be needed in reporting your claim.

Tip Number 3: Keep and Read the Documents

This is very important as you never know if the need to claim may arise or not. Read each and every clause, examine each and every receipt this way if things go wrong, you have your paperwork to support your claim.




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