Tools for Moving Day

When planning a big move, make sure you are equipped with all the proper tools on the big day.

A furniture dolly and a utility dolly are must haves. The furniture dolly allows you to lift pieces onto its platform and then roll them with ease. A utility dolly is great for transporting stacked boxes.

Moving blankets and pads help protect your furnishings. Use them to cushion furniture and to keep multiple pieces from brushing up against each other. They help prevent scratches and dings as well as protecting your pieces from dust and dirt during the move.

Be sure to have straps and ropes on hand. Use these to secure your belongings from shifting during the move. They may also be necessary when using a dolly to keep items from toppling over.

Have an ample supply of scissors, tape and markers on hand. Throughout the day you’ll likely be taping up boxes and marking them. Having them easily accessible will keep you moving in the right direction.

A stair roller is another handy tool, particularly if you are moving into a location with lots of stairs. It allows you to move heavier items without dragging them on the stairs and risking damage.

Friends and family members are probably the most important tool to have. They can help not only with their physical strength, but also with planning meals, taking care of kids and making the moving day flow as smoothly as possible.

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