Tips on Hiring a Moving Company from a Moving Company

Looking for great tips on finding a great moving company? Sometimes it’s good to go straight to the source. Here are some tips compiled by an actual moving company, Acclaimed Camarillo Movers.

Read Reviews

Use the internet to your advantage. Look at popular review sites like Yelp, Google Local or City Search. Read the reviews left by previous customers. Be sure to read a broad range of reviews so you’re seeing both the good and the bad.

Comparison Shop

After reading the reviews on your local moving companies, ask for a quote from several companies. Compare the various quotes. You may find one or two whose numbers are significantly above or below the others. Get several quotes so you can see what the going rate in your area should be.

Use the Better Business Bureau

While it is great to read online reviews as stated above, unscrupulous companies often hire people to write phony positive reviews. The BBB is the most trustworthy review site. Find the companies you are considering and check on their grade.

Get a Binding Quote

Ask each moving company whether they provide a binding quote. This means that the price estimate given prior to the move will be the price you pay for the move. Less trustworthy companies may provide an initial quote or estimate to attract your business but then add hidden fees once the move takes place. A binding quote prevents them from overcharging the customer.

Get an On Site Estimate

A more accurate estimate is always given if the moving company sees your household prior to the move. Some companies do give estimates over the phone, but this is more likely to result in an inaccurate estimate.

With these 5 tips, consumers are much more likely to have success in selecting a good moving company.

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