Tips for Moving Your Child to College

Moving into a college dorm is an exciting time in your child’s life. Use some of these tips to make the move easier on both you and your child.

Start collecting packing materials in advance. Ask friends, neighbors and co-workers if they have any empty boxes to spare. Check with local merchants, some stores might give you boxes that they are throwing out. Check with your local moving supply store for specialty boxes if needed.

Pick up some small clear boxes that stack easily. These are perfect for transporting small items and make efficient storage in a dorm room. These can often be found in craft stores.

Don’t pack everything! Your child can pick up some items at his or her destination. Room décor and small furniture items are easily found at Goodwill or thrift stores. Spruce up a previously ‘loved’ piece of furniture with a new coat of paint or a slip cover.

Find out whether the dorm room will have wireless available. Make sure your child’s computer has an up-to-date antivirus program. If you’re setting up your child’s network, be sure to make it secure.

Bring head phones. Your child will be able to listen to music or watch a movie on their laptop without disturbing the roommate.

Have your child talk with his/her roommate before the move. If they’re allowed items like a microwave or a toaster oven in the room, coordinate so that they don’t end up with two of each.

Bring a small toolkit complete with a screwdriver and hammer for hanging items or small repairs.

Pack an overnight kit for your child’s first night there. If you arrive later in the afternoon it is nice to have essentials like toiletries, pajamas and prescriptions gathered together to make the first night very simple.

Taking the time to be prepared as possible and you’ll find the transition much easier. Don’t forget to pack some favorite snacks to leave with your child and some tissues for your ride home!

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