Tips for Moving Pets

Moving is stressful for the family but may be even more so for your pets. There are some steps you can take to make the move more comfortable for all involved.

Before moving, be sure you check for any pet regulations at your destination. If you’re moving internationally, there may be some quarantine requirements for your pets. When moving within the United States, quarantine is rarely required, but is mandatory in the state of Hawaii.

Keep your pet with you during the move. Of course your pet cannot be moved in the back of a moving truck, but there are other means of transporting animals. If at all possible, keep the pet with you. This will make your pet feel more safe and comfortable. Cats are often more comfortable in the confines of a pet crate while dogs may prefer to be out. You know your pet, so plan accordingly.

If you are traveling by air you are required to provide a pet carrier for each animal. There are other requirements as well, including proof of immunization and in some instances there are age restrictions. Be sure to research all possible restrictions well in advance of your move.

Put identification on each of your pets. Include your name and phone number on the tag. It is very unlikely that your pet will become separated from you during the move, but plan for the worst case scenario.

Check on the licensing requirements for pets at your new location. Also be sure you verify whether there are any restrictions on types of pets or number of pets in your new home.

Making sure you have all of the necessary research done in advance of your move will allow you to focus on helping your pet feel safe and comfortable in their new home.

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