Tips for Holding a Moving Sale

Anyone planning a big move should plan to move only that which is necessary. For many families this means it’s time for a good old fashioned ‘garage’ sale. Consider these 5 tips for making your sale a success.

Tip 1: Make your unwanted items look like they should be wanted! Take the time to sort through your potential sales merchandise. Clean and dust all items before placing them out. Taking the time to make sure all of your items look neat and attractive will lead to better sales.

Tip 2: It may seem obvious, but put a price tag on every time. Don’t leave yourself wondering what you should charge on the day of the sale. This is also a great tip if you’re planning on having friends help you with your sale. No one will have to ask you what you’re expecting to get for something. Decide in advance whether you are willing to negotiate on any items. Most people come to garage sales expecting to barter. Know in advance what you expect and what you will accept.

Tip 3: Have a meaningful layout for your merchandise. Think of how a typical department store lays out its items. Organize like pieces together. Put all your books on one table. Organize sporting equipment and exercise equipment together. When the merchandise is well organized it increases the likelihood that your customers might pick up multiple items.

Tip 4: Advertise. Put notices in your local newspapers or on bulletin boards at your local grocery stores. Early in the morning on the day of the sale, put up signs throughout your neighborhood with arrows directing traffic to your home.

Tip 5: Be prepared for all the logistics. This means have ample change prior to the day of the sale. Set your alarm early. If your advertising says that you are opening at 8am, expect that you’ll have some customers even as much as an hour earlier. This is even more likely if your advertising has mentioned some items that are of a broad interest.

If you follow these tips, you’ll likely have a successful sale! Don’t forget to line up a place that is willing to take any leftover items as a donation. Look to your local Goodwill or other charitable organization as potential recipients of your unsold treasures. Many places will even come to your house to do a pickup.

A successful moving sale puts you one step closer to a successful move!

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