Surviving a Quick Move

Moving is a stressful event in any situation. For those who have to move in a short timeframe, the event becomes even more stressful. There are several things you can do to bring some calm to this chaotic time.

Organization is the first key to a successful move in a short duration. Make a checklist of every task that must be done. Include things like shopping for supplies, calling the cable company or filling out change of address forms. Plan for easy meals on the day of the move. Consider something simple like pizza that doesn’t require utensils.

If you are doing the move yourself, get more moving supplies than you think you need. It is much easier to return unused boxes and tape rather than making multiple trips to obtain supplies. Invite friends to help, with a promise that you’ll return the favor some day. Be sure that you mark each and every box with a summary of what’s inside as well as the destination room for your new living quarters.

Plan for items that you’ll need up to the last minute in your current residence so they can be packed last. Chances are these are the same items you’ll need first at your new location, so be sure they are transported in a way that makes them easy to locate. Some homeowners prefer to leave one open box to gather last minute items. Instead consider keeping a suitcase for specific things like prescription medicines, phone chargers and important phone numbers.

A move under a limited timeframe might happen because of a job change, an illness in the family or any other number of reasons. Regardless of the reason, remember to stop, take a deep breath and invest some time in getting organized. This small investment in organization will pay you back tenfold during the course of your move.

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