Safety Tips for After the Move

After moving into a new home, there are some safety steps you should take right away to help get your family off to a great start in your new location.

If the home or apartment was previously owned, consider rekeying all of the doors. Check all of the locks and make sure deadbolts are secure and working properly. Make copies of keys for all family members who are old enough to have them.

Do a check of all of your windows to make sure that they open and close properly. Make sure that the locking mechanisms work. In most cases you will have done this during the walk through on your home, but it is important to check again when you move in permanently.

Make sure your children know the layout of the house and how to get out in case of a fire. Make sure that you have a fire escape plan. Get new fire extinguishers and have one on every level of the house. Make sure all family members know where they are and how to use them. If your house is multi-story, purchase escape ladders. Have several practice ‘evacuations’ so your family is well rehearsed on what to do in case of an emergency.

Amongst the chaos of the move, families often forget to take the time to have a workable safety plan in their new home. Taking the time to address this early can save you heartache in the long run.

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