Resource for a Move to the United Kingdom

If you’re planning an International move to the United Kingdom, you might want to spend some time on the website . The site is host to a popular forum whose intent is to provide unbiased information for those planning a move in the United Kingdom.

The site has various sections including ‘Property Professors’ where users can receive expert answers to a variety of questions. The questions are answered by members from a panel of 23 experts. The panel includes a broad range of experts with knowledge from all aspects of the moving industry. Visitors to the site can also find other useful information including a moving checklist, a first time buyer’s guide and a moving cost calculator that is helpful to both home buyers and home sellers. All of these tools are offered for free and are a great way for interested parties to get some insight into the United Kingdom’s housing market. Because their experts hail from different areas within the United Kingdom, the site hopes to be able to offer both location specific advice as well as broader information for those making a move.

The website was originally launched in November of 1999. It has grown through the years and is a trusted resource for those moving into the UK for the first time as well as those moving from one area in the UK to another.

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