Questions You Must Ask of Moving Companies

When planning a move, there are many factors involved in choosing the right moving company. Once you have narrowed it down to a few possibilities, there are some important questions you must ask.

Ask if the mover is actually employed by the moving company or is a broker. A broker will have less liability and responsibility and cannot give a binding estimate.

Determine if the company does give binding quotes. This protects you from unexpected fees and charges.

If you are moving long distance, ask if your items will be transferred. If your items are moved from one truck to another, it increases the change of damage or breakage.

Check on the terms of payment. Avoid movers who deal only in cash. Determine how much is expected up front and how must is expected upon delivery. Find out if any deposits are refundable. Be wary of a mover that demands most or all of the money up front.

Ask if the mover carries insurance on your items and if that amount is included in your quote. Ask if they offer any additional upgraded insurance options.

Determine responsibility for lost or broken items before contracting with a mover. If you have packed items on your own, you may forfeit the opportunity to make a claim against a mover if something is damaged.

It is important that you address all of the above questions with any potential moving companies and that you are very clear on their answers before signing any contract.

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