Planning for your Empty Nest

When folks are thinking of moving, they generally think of moving an entire household. For those who are becoming empty nesters, only part of their household is filling up that moving van. This usually means that there are empty rooms to be put to use.

Before the moving van comes to pick up your adult child’s belongings, consider having a plan in place for the empty rooms left behind. If the room will be completely empty, then the sky’s the limit for redesigning the space. Many homeowners choose to turn an empty room into an office or a library. For something a little outside the norm, consider your hobbies when deciding how to use the room. Perhaps a sewing or craft room is in order. For those health conscious sorts, perhaps a space for exercising or mediation might be a good use of the room.

If a bed or other furniture is left behind, these pieces may need to be incorporated into the room’s new purpose. A guest bedroom is the most popular choice in this situation. Before adding additional items into the space, consider a fresh coat of paint and perhaps some new linens to spruce up the new guest room. Look for ways to incorporate new items to make it a cozy retreat. Consider adding a unique bedside table or a comfortable chair to give the space some personality.

Regardless of the plan for the soon-to-be-empty room, be sure to discuss it with your child before he or she leaves. You may find that there are additional pieces of furniture that your child would be happy to have, thereby freeing up more space. Making this decision before the moving van arrives allows you to pack up as much as possible and get ready for your new space to take shape.

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