Planning for a Move Abroad

Moving abroad is a much more involved process then moving within the states. Those planning a move abroad should make sure they have considered these five things.

Save for the move. When moving abroad, there a number of costs that are unique. In addition to the costs of moving there are also costs associated with your travel to your destination. Also prepare for trips back to the states, storing items that you cannot take with you and the fees associate with all the proper documentation.

Speaking of paperwork, get yours done will in advance! You’ll need visas and passports for all members of your family. If you are bringing pets, you’ll need proper documentation for them as well. Check with the U.S. State Department for a list of documentation you must have complete in order to move abroad.

Consider whether you will ship all your items or store some. In some instances it may be cheaper to pay for items to be stored rather than shipped to your new location. If your move is permanent this may not be an option. If you’re planning on moving abroad for a few years and then returning, it is particularly wise to price out the storage options vs. the shipping options.

Get your health in order. You’ll need proof that your vaccinations and booster shots are all up to date. Look for health insurance for your new location prior to your move, as it is likely that your current insurance will not be valid there. Make sure you are up to date with prescriptions before leaving in case it takes some time to get established at your new home.

Set up your finances before leaving. Your new bank accounts should be opened well prior to your move, as the process may take some time. Also be sure to check with the IRS or an accountant to make sure you handle your taxes appropriately.

With these five items under control, you’ll just have to worry about settling into your new country and potentially learning the language.

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