Planning a Move: 5 Things That You Need To Do



If there is one thing that Americans are not scared of, that would be moving. As a matter of fact studies show that in 2007 alone, 16.5 million home transfers took place in the country. Different people have different reasons why they transfer from home to another, most common reason is to move to a better place to live in though job transfers, new work location as well as moving to a cheaper home can also be pointed out as one of the basis for home relocation.

Moving from one home to another may be common but it does not automatically make easy. Truth of the matter is, a lot of people find it very exhausting, most especially if something goes wrong. This is where the need for a solid plan comes in. Below are 5 tips on how you can make a fool-proof moving plan:

1.  Get Rid of Unnecessary Stuff

–  Months before the move, go over your stuff. Your closet or the attic may be filled with a lot of stuff that you may not need. Take some time to look at these things. If you think they are still important and you may still need it in your new home, keep it. But if you think they’re nothing but junk, go ahead and let go of it. You can donate these unwanted and unnecessary stuff to a charity or you can make extra money out of it by selling it on-line or having a garage sale.

2. Wash Drapes, Slipovers, Curtains and the like.

-You don’t want to bring along with dirt from your old home to your new home. Make it a point to have curtains, rugs, drapes and the like cleaned up if you want to bring them along with you in your move. A lot of times, these things are overlooked as they can go without cleaning for long periods of time.

3. Get by with a Little Help from your Friends.

-Whether you decide to hire movers or not, getting extra hand when you move will not hurt. If you plan to rely solely on your friends to help you out on the move, make sure that they are committed. You don’t want to last minute cancellations which can lead to a big disaster if not remedied immediately.

4. Make a list.

-Even if your memory never fails you, making a master list is the best way to ensure that nothing is left out or forgotten. On the day of the move, stress levels can be quite high. It would be good if you have something that you can look at every now and then for reference.




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