Organizing a 3 in 1 Party

Moving on holidays can be a bit strenuous. The fact that its the holiday means people are busy going here and there. Christmas parties alone can eat up your time as well as that of your family and friends. This is why when you are moving, it would be best to organize a 3 in 1 party where everyone gets what they want and everybody ends up happy. This is why inviting your friends to a 3 in 1 party is a sure way to get their attention and eventually their attendance:


Considering the fact that you are moving, a farewell party to say goodbye to your friends and family who are staying behind is a good way to spend your last few days on your old house. If your friends know that its a farewell party, there is a great chance that they’ll prioritize your party over other Christmas parties that takes place every year.


Get all the help that you can get in packing by making your farewell party one bit  meaningful. It does not have to involve packing the whole time but for things that you just cant deal with, things which are to heavy for you, an extra hand will surely do you good. just remember to make the packing supply as abundant as the food.


Since its the holidays, why not make it some sort of a Christmas party. You can have turkey, a mistletoe and pretty much everything  else in between that can help set the mod. You utensils do not have to be that of the regular kind as you are moving so you need to serve using disposable stuff but your guests will surely understand.




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