On Tipping

The most common dilemma of people who hire moving companies to help them out on their relocation would be at the end part of the moving when the moving crew are about to leave. To tip or not to tip, that is the question.

Remember that tipping is reserved only for movers who did an excellent job of helping you in your move. It is totally up to you whether you think the crew are fit of a tip or not. Consider your new place, if the movers went up and down several flights of stairs just to get your things to your new house, tipping them is the be stand least thing that you can do. If the movers are rude and lazy, then don’t give them tips, they probably don’t deserve it.

When moving make it a point that every one’s stomach is filled. This does not only apply to you and your family or friends who are their on the actual day of moving. This also applies to the crew of the moving company. Prepare snacks that are suitable for the weather. If you are moving on a winter time, prepare soup and cracker or if its summer time then it would be sandwiches and sodas. If the move if going to reach until say, lunchtime then you need to go out of  your way and order out or prepare more food for the people woh are there until that time.

When tipping moving company crews, you need to give it straight to the supervisor. The supervisor will surely divide it among the group. If you have say, two movers who are helping you out, a tip of $30-$40 each would be good enough. The rule is simple, about $20 per person in the moving company at least. You can even go as high as $100 if they go out of their way in helping you say, look your cat or something like that.




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