Moving with Dogs: Checklist and Guide

Moving with dogs and other pets may leave you wondering what to do – and which one to do first. Moving may prove to be a slightly stressful experience and you may find thinking even more than issues as you think of how you will move with your pet. It is true that moving with a dog leaves you with additional responsibilities, but it doesn’t need to be a cause for worry. You can make moving with your dog or pet a fun, easy and exciting activity.

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Below are things that you can do when moving with dogs to make everything much easier.

1. Check whether or not you are allowed to travel with your dog. The first thing you must do is to check if there are restrictions that you have to deal with when moving with your dog. Different states and countries have different laws that may pose different restrictions. You may also be required to present some documents to prove that your dog is fit to move.

2. Moving in the US with a dog? Check with the US government requirements first. If you are moving in the United States, you must first visit the US federal requirements for importing pets. There are particular laws governing the importation of pets in the United States which you would need to adhere to.

3. Check the rates and policies of moving companies in your state. If you are searching for a moving company to help you with your planned move, you should check and compare rates first. Compare the efficiency of moving companies that you are considering. Also, inquire about their policies especially when helping someone with a pet move.

4. Let the dog travel with you, not with the boxes. As much as possible, allow your pet to travel with you in your car. Both of you will surely enjoy the ride if ever.

5. Plan your route. If you are going for a long ride, you should be aware that there are hotels and motels that do not allow pets. As you plan your route, check which hotels and motels that are along the way and take note of those that accommodate pets.

6. Get your dog accustomed with a car ride. If your pet doesn’t always ride with you in the car, it’s time you prepare him for the ride. Drive around town with your pet often days before the move.

7. Take your dog’s things in the car. Dog toys, chew bones and grooming brush, along with some of your dog’s things should be with him in the car. This will make him less stressed during the transport.

8. Uncooperative dog? Ask help from the vet. Some dogs may not be able to get used to being transported and become really stressed. If you think your dog can’t take it, ask your vet for some mild sedative that can help him relax during the travel.

9. Upon arrival to your new home, do not let him roam just yet. Once you arrive in your new home, keep your dog on the leash. Check the entire house, lawn and fence if everything is safe for your dog.

10. Have fun! Your dog can sense your emotion and if you feel stressed, the stress will be doubled for him. He will follow your behavior as well as your emotions, so keep calm and relax.


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