Moving with Children – Easing them Through the Process

Moving is a big task that can seem even more intimidating when it means uprooting your children. There are steps you can take to make the transition as easy as possible for both yourself and your family.

If at all possible, involve your children in ‘shopping’ for the new house. If your children are older, have them help in doing research on your new city. Learn about schools in the area and other activities that might interest them. If your child is involved in any activities like scouts, dance or sports, research ways to get your child connected with their favorite activities in your new hometown.

Once a home is selected, allow your children to be involved in plans for their new rooms. If your budget allows for new paint and furniture, let your kids be involved in picking out some or all of the furnishings. Look for unique items that really speak to your child’s personality. Shop at places like antique stores or thrift stores to find a variety of choices.

Before taking off to your new digs, have a moving sale. Involve your children in the decisions about what to keep and what to sell. Allow them to make some money by selling some of their old toys, puzzles, books or clothes that they no longer use. Pool the family money for a larger purchase once you’re at the new home, or let each child keep their own to purchase something special for their new room.

Before leaving your old house, throw a Bon Voyage party to allow your children to say ‘so long’ to their friends. If the move is not too far, make plans to have their friends come visit. If it’s a longer move, have your kids give their friends pre-addressed envelopes and cards to keep in touch. Chances are they’ll already have planned on keeping in touch via email and texting but they’ll enjoy the uniqueness of receiving actual mail at their new address.

Be sensitive to the stresses your children are feeling. The more they feel like they are a part of the move, the easier the transition will be.

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