Moving to a New Home: The Checklist

Moving can be very overwhelming that sometimes, people miss things they ought not to forget. Moving is as important, and as demanding, as buying and selling. That is why making a checklist can be very helpful.

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Listed below is a comprehensive checklist of the things that you must remember and consider when you move into a new home.

  1. Keep the documents or renting deal in a safe place.
  2. Check your things. Separate those you will bring and those you will not. Don’t bring if you will not use it.
  3. Use boxes to pack your goods and supplies.
  4. Label the boxes accordingly. Much prepared if you write them in big bold letters for easy identification.
  5. Make an inventory of your things.
  6. Check the fragile things that need packing.
  7. Opt for a moving company if you like.
  8. Get the estimated moving cost from different moving companies and compare them.
  9. Read reviews of these companies and decide for yourself.
  10. Set the moving budget.
  11. Choose the moving company.
  12. Choose quality over quantity when it comes to these companies.
  13. Gather moving supplies to eliminate packing supply cost from these movers.
  14. Choose a place to store your packed supplies.
  15. Check the moving company if they have any items they can’t transport.
  16. Check the papers of your pets you will bring when you move.
  17. Instead of buying too much foods, eat what else is left and buy new goods in your new house.
  18. Arrange papers and accounts that deal with your new address change.
  19. Prepare a cleaning supply to clean your will-be-old house.
  20. Withdraw money before your transport.
  21. Prepare refreshments on moving day.
  22. Review the bill of lading.
  23. Compile all important documents and papers for references. Keep them in a safe place.
  24. Keep the numbers of the drivers and moving company to track your deliveries.
  25. Prepare the essentials for the first week of your stay in your new house.
  26. Check your old house to make sure you didn’t left behind something.

Keeping a checklist won’t hurt. This will actually be helpful to you. Happy moving!


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