Moving Issues: Kids

Kids are just like pets when it comes to moving, they are reluctant about it. You cannot not accept the promotion and you certainly can not leave the kids. The only way to get the relocation get going is to force it upon them by hook or by crook, come hell or high water. If you have adolescent kids, there is a good chance that they would be very reluctant about the move as they already have  grown in the place and they have friends that they don’t want to leave.

The good news is that you can now get your kids to be enthusiastic cor at least, cooperative on your relocation. There is no need for Bad Blood, Word War or worst, your kids resenting you for initiating the move.


Conduct a family meeting. Tell your kids about the possibility of moving because you got promoted, because you need another job or whatever reason you may have.Do not lie to your kids about the reason behind your relocation. If it is to make both ends meet by moving to a smaller house, inform them about it. The more that they know what the real deal is, the more that they will understand.


The more involved your kids are, the more excited they will be about the relocation. Ask them for input and suggestions about your new house. Ask them for ideas about the room’s theme’s design and everything else. You will not only hone their creativity but you will also get extra help plus you get them to be one bit excited about the move.


Not only would you want to organize the move, the things to be moved and other utilities. Before moving, organize a simple party. Think of it as a “we’ll-get-in-touch party. You kids will not only be ecstatic about this idea as the party will be perfect for socializing for the last time as well as getting all the email addresses, phone number ad other means of communication while you are still at your old house.






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