Moving Etiquette

Just because moving is stressful does not mean you can leave your manners out of the door on the day of the move. No man is an island, most especially on the day of them move where you need all the help that you can possibly get. You may have hired a moving company to help you out but it would be so much better and faster if there are other people to help you out, friends and family to be more specific.

Leaving a good impression on your ex-neighbors after moving is a must. As much as possible, schedule the movers to arrive at around 9 am. This will give your neighbors enough time to get to work before the traffic due to your move begins. Make it a point to tell your movers about your neighbor’s property. Stepping on your neighbors beloved flower beds may cause World War 3 and you don’t want that to happen as it will not only cause delay but it will can cause negativity between you and your neighbor.

If you have music loving movers ask them to tone down their music. What may be music to them can be noise to your neighbors. It would be best to prepare food for the people who will participate in the move. Soda and crackers are the best during summer time moves and coffee during winter time.

If you asked other people to help you in the move, like your family or friends be sure to express you gratitude afterwards. You can treat them to dinner and such. If the need arises, be sure to offer a helping hand to them on their move as well.




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