Moving Checklist

Moving from on place to another can be a bit stressful, most especially if things aren’t going as planned. It pays to have a checklist before moving that way you get to monitor and prioritize things that you need to do first in order to make your move as smooth and stress-free as it possibly can.

1. Insurance Carriers

-If you are moving to a different state and you have a local company for your insurances, it is best to check with them first. Most of the time, these local insurances are not recognized and licensed in other states. Should you be moving in-state and you are not so sure about the coverage, better to check with them just to be sure.

2. Clutters.

-Because you are moving, you need to check the things that you want to bring along with you in your move. You may want to de-clutter  a week or so before the move that way you get better rates from your moving company and more space in your new house.

3. Things to bring.

-If you are moving to a new state or country, you need to familiarize yourself with their rules. You need to be particular about the things in your baggage. Dangerous stuff, flammable stuff and the like  can cause hassle as they will unpack and retain these things or worst, detain and question you as to why you have those things.

4. Banks

-If you are dealing with a local bank, you may want to transfer your funds to a bank with local branches in the state that you want to move to. You don’t want to pay large amount of transaction fees because you are using another banks facilities like ATM machines just to withdraw money from the bank in the place that you came from.




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