Making a Long Distance Move

A long distance move is always more stressful and difficult than a shorter move. There are factors that must be taken into consideration that don’t come into play when the move is just across town.

Begin your planning much earlier when the move is long distance. This will allow you to negotiate the best pricing if you are using a professional moving service. Consumers who attempt to negotiate a long distance move at the last minute will always find that the costs are higher. Try to reserve your moving date at minimum one month in advance of the move. This is even more important if you are planning on shipping your vehicle along with your household goods.

A long distance move is harder on the goods being moved. Items being transported a long distance must endure more jostling and bumps along the way, making it imperative that proper packing techniques are used. Many consumers attempt to save money by packing their own items. For a long distance move this cost-saving technique should be reconsidered. Be sure that all fragile boxes are marked appropriately and packed appropriately.

If you are thinking of doing all portions of the move yourself, be sure that you take into account all of the expenses related to travel time, lodging, food and gas. In addition, consider what it will take to move any vehicle(s). The move will add mileage, wear and tear while the logistics of driving multiple cars can add other unnecessary pressures.

Taking the time to plan and account for the additional challenges of a long distance move can make the actual event much less chaotic. For those using professional movers, look for a company that has a good deal of experience with long distance moves. Choosing wisely allows you to focus on settling into your new location.

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