Kitchen: Dealing with it before relocating



The last place that you pack your things and the first place that you unpack your things in your new house are kitchen stuff. You can pack all the stuff in  the bedroom, family room and other parts of the house but your kitchen stuff gets to be packed last as you are still going to use it the night before for cooking, the morning before for breakfast and the like.

The most important thing that you have to remember when packing kitchen stuff is to leave the things that you use most unpacked. Your antique silverware can be packed early, your unused glass wares can be packed ahead of time but you stove, your laddle and other kitchenware that you use for cooking can can only be packed a day before the move.

If you dont want to deal with the panic packing of these commonly used kitchen stuff, you can eat outside on your last night and order food or use disposable stuff for your breakfast and snacks on the day of the move. When unpacking kitchen stuff in your new place, look for the ones that you are in dire need to use.

The ones that you pack last should be the first to be unpacked. This is the rule as you don’t want to order out for aweek because yuou cnat find yourcooking stuff in the piles of boxes in your new home.




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