How to Pack Books When Moving

Books can be considered as one of the things that should be carefully packed when moving. It may look like a simple task but packing books actually deserve ample attention and consideration.

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Move now or pick up later?

You can either pack your books now, before your scheduled move, or just pick them up later from a friend or relative’s place. If you are moving to another state or town that is relatively far from your current house, it would be best to just pack your books and take them with you as you move. Meanwhile, if you are just moving within the city, you may choose to leave your books, or at least the heaviest ones, at a friend or relative’s house and just pick them up on a later date.

You can also sort your books and decide which ones will go with you and which ones may be given away or sold. You may choose to donate some to a library, school or day care. You may also sell them through a garage sale or online, via websites such as Amazon or eBay.

Packing Books in Boxes

It is of course important for you to know how to arrange books in boxes to ensure that they don’t get damaged during the move. It would be best to pack your books upright, standing. This way, there will be ample space for many books.

You should also ensure that the box you will use for packing books is sturdy and strong. It is recommended that you tape on additional adhesive before arranging your books inside. You may also choose to rent or borrow plastic boxes.

Moreover, you should not also overload the boxes. Aside from making them harder to lift, carry, load and unload, they may end up damaged. Also, fill in the spaces with cushioning material so that your arrangement will stay in place.


Lastly, label your boxes carefully so that the movers will know which ones should be handled with extra care and caution.

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