House Moving with Cats

Moving from one place to another can be a bit tricky for most cat-owners as their feline companion tend to develop strongĀ  connection with their environment. A sudden change of place may cause huge amounts of anxiety and stress to your little fellow. Moving alone can be quite stressful on your part. One less worry about your pet cat will surely be of great help to make your moving run as smooth as possible.

Before the movers arrive, put your cat in a bedroom where everything still looks the same. The beds are still there, the decors and everything else. This will prevent your cat from suspecting or panicking about change of environment. Provide water bowl, cat carrier, food and everything else in case the transport of your items from your house to the truckĀ  takes time. You don’t want your cat to go hungry.

Make it a point to put a sign on that bedroom to leave it unopened and undisturbed. When everything else is ready except for the room with your cat, your next step would be to put your pet in a cat carrier and into your car. The bedroom with the cat would be the last to be removed from your old house and the first to be installed in your new one.

After the installation of the room with the cat in the new house is done, put your cat in the room again with the food and everything else. If you have time, spend a minute or two with your cat as it might still be stressed out from the long drive.

When the movers have left, let your cat out of the room and allow him to inspect the new house one at a time.If your cat is still stressed and anxious, you can buy feline pheromone diffuser from your vet and plug it in a room where your cat will stay. This will help put them at ease.





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