Educate Yourself on the Types of Moving Companies

When planning a move, it’s good to know the types of moving companies that represent the various aspects of the industry. You may need to interact with one or more of these types of firms.

A local moving company handles moves that are of a short distance. In many instances, local moves are charged by the hour vs. weight.

A long distance moving company typically handles moves that are of a greater distance, usually 100 miles or more. These companies generally charge by volume as well as the distance of the move.

A self moving company is in the business of moving goods, but not packing them. They will load the truck and move your goods, but expect you to have all of your goods packed.

An auto transport company deals specifically with the moving of vehicles. You have the option of hiring a company that specializes in moving autos, or you may also be able to have a vehicle loaded onto a traditional moving van.

A box supplier refers to the type of business that sells the packing materials used in moving. Many homeowners purchase boxes to pack specific personal belongings that they do not want to leave in the hands of movers. Others purchase boxes when doing the entire move or a portion of the move on their own.

A storage company is used for varous reasons. If the new residence does not have enough room, you might opt to store some of your things. Many families use the services of a storage company before the move in order to reduce clutter in their current home so that it shows better to prospective buyers.

During the course of your move you’ll use one or more of these types of services. Some companies offer more than one service. In any case, when contracting with a company to actually move your furnishings, always be sure they are licensed and insured.

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