Difficult to Move Stuff


As if the act of packing, bending, carrying and transporting your stuff is not hard enough, there are things which are even considered difficult when it comes to moving. Difficult stuff to move are those that require dismantling in your old house and assembling it again in your new house. These stuff can be quite difficult as you need to add dismantling and assembling to the regular bending, packing and carrying. Below are 3 things which are considered to be difficult when it comes to moving from one place to another.

1. Aquariums- these are considered to be pain in the neck of movers, most especially if they are the one to disassemble it and to assemble it again. Not only is is tedious to move as little parts need to be kept in place but it is also fragile. While the task of transporting your aquarium can be difficult enough. Bringing your fish could be another story. Remember that fishes can not endure long hours in the car. It would be best if you leave their to your neighbors or relatives who can take care of the fish for you.

2. Plants-are another moving challenge. Most of your greens my be traumatized by moving. If your plants are in ceramic planters, transfer them to plastic planters a week or so before the moving day. You want your plant  to be comfortable with the plastic planter first as you don’t want to transfer them to new containers on Monday and move them to another place of Tuesday.

3. Piano-considering the weight of most piano, moving them can be a real pain in the neck and the pocket as well.  Most of the time, people who have pianos hire a separate piano  moving  company as they are the ones who specialize in piano moving.




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