Dealing with Hazardous Items During a Move

When moving, there are certain items that cannot be legally transported by a moving company. Make sure you know what those items are prior to moving day so you can make other arrangements for those items.

Anything with the potential to explode or burst cannot be transported. This includes aerosols like hair spray. Other products in this same category include kerosene, propane or other fuels. Regardless of how well these items are packed, they still present a danger.

Items like paint, paint thinners and other chemicals cannot be transported. This also includes products like bug sprays, fertilizers and common household cleaning items including bleach.

When preparing for your move, ask your moving company for a list of prohibited items. Contact your local recycling center or community association to see if they have programs for recycling hazardous materials. Many communities do this type of recycling with specific days set aside throughout the year. Check with neighboring communities as well. Letting professionals handle hazardous items is best for you and the environment.

Other items like plants may be legally transported by your moving company, depending on your origination and your destination. Some states have restrictions on the transportation of plants across their borders. Plants are fairly fragile and do not typically handle a move well. Depending on your situation it may be more feasible to simply replace your plants when you arrive at your new home.

With the list of prohibited items provided by your movers, you’ll be able to evaluate what must be left behind, recycled or donated to friends and family. You’ll also be able to make a list of what you’ll need to replace once you’ve reached your destination.

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