BBB Gives Tips on How to Steer Free from Dishonest Movers

By tradition, the month of May starts the moving season. And this also jumpstarts the operation of unscrupulous moving companies that offers nothing but headaches.

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According to Better Business Bureaus (BBB), they have handled over 9,000 complaints related to stolen or damaged belongings, huge moving rate hikes and ridiculous price quotes. Some also complain of late deliveries of the belongings they have entrusted to some inefficient movers.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) launched the Household Goods Strike Force program that aims to protect the public from unscrupulous movers. In fact, in a single compliance sweep, they have fined three moving companies for violations such as collecting fees over the provided estimate and holding customers’ belongings as hostage.

BBB, together with American Moving & Storage Association hopes that these tips will help the public in finding the best moving company for their needs:

Research about the company. Customers should know whether a moving company is licensed by the federal government or not. You may verify a company’s legitimacy by visiting This website can provide you with a particular mover’s record with BBB.

Ask for in-home, written estimates. Not every online quotes are realistic and legitimate. It would be best to talk to the mover’s representative in your home where they can see your actual belongings and make an estimate out of that.

Learn your rights. Research about your rights as a consumer, particularly when it comes to moving. You may also choose to seek for the assistance of a BBB personnel if you are not sure what to do.

Consider full value protection. Although this may cost you a little more, it would be best to know that your belongings are fully protected.

Refuse to pay high upfront. Be cautious when a mover asks you to pay in full even before the move starts.


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