Avoid Hidden Costs

If you want to get the best rates from the moving companies that you are about to deal with, the best thing that you need to do is to do your marketing first. Get the yellow book and make inquiries on local companies that offer moving services. The more companies that you inquired with, the more knowledgeable you will be about the hidden costs rates, packages and services that they provide, the better the decision that you will be able to make.

Standard or not?

-When making an inquiry, tell your movers about the not so-regular stuff that you will have that needs to be moved. If you have a grand piano, a hot tub, a grandfather clock, snowmobiles or a a big home entertainments system, inform your movers about it so as they’d be be able to give the quote right away.

Complicated or not?

-The more complicated your items that needs to be moved, the higher the rates that you may have to pay. If your things that needs to be moved are already boxed and just needs to be carried, the lesser your fee will be. If you have gas lines that needs to be assembled first and you are confident about your capability to do it safely and properly, it is best to do it yourself as waiting for the people from the moving company may require you to pay hidden costs.

Is it high or low?

– You location can also be the cause of the hidden charges that you need to pay for when the move is over. If you live in the 4th floor and there’s 4 flights of stairs that your movers need to deal with on the move, you may be charged with a little more.

When asking for quotes from possible movers to help you in your relocation, it is best to lay it all out on the table and be up front to the reps about the things that needs to be moved. The more honest you are in the first part of the move, the more exact the quote that you will be able to get.




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