7 Proven Ways to Save on Moving Costs

This month marks the beginning of the moving season. Thus, it is not surprising for moving costs to be pricier than usual. Although there is nothing much you can do about this norm, there are proven ways that you can follow to save on moving costs.

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How to Save on Moving Costs in Seven Steps

1. Time your move. The days and time in a week or month can prove to be great factors when it comes to moving costs. Typically, prices are higher during weekends and beginning and end of the month. Thus, it would be best to move on a weekday, mid-month.

2. Eliminate crap as you wrap. During the packing stage, decide which things will move with you and which ones should be thrown or given away. You may also hold a garage sale a week or so before you leave your current home. Do not let yourself pay for stuff that you will eventually throw away when you arrive at your new place.

3. Compare prices. Invite three or more movers to write you an in-home estimate. A quote written personally for you is much more accurate than one created online or over the phone. See to it that when the movers write you an estimate, all of the factors and elements are the same, including toll fees and taxes.

4. Compare references. There is nothing more cost-efficient than ensuring that the mover you are hiring is a legitimate and trustworthy one. References are actually previous clients who can describe how the mover performed when they hired them. This way, you will know that even if you pay an upfront payment, your money and belongings are in good hands.

5. Check for deals daily. Everyday, different moving companies offer discounts, cheap packages and promos through vouchers and discount coupons. If you still have ample time to decide which moving company to choose, check these deals out to find cost-effective deals.

6. Review insurances offered. Beware of insurances that reimburse based on volume or weight rather than value. For instance, an expensive painting does not weigh a lot but cost a lot. See what the insurance covers. To be sure, move your most valuable belongings on your own or be on a careful lookout when these properties are put on the truck.

7.Pack your stuff. There are moving services that charge by the hour. Basically, if you ask the movers to help you pack your stuff, the time already ticks — and so are the fees. After all, doing your own packing will ensure that everything is packed neatly and according to your preference.


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