3 Types of Moving Insurance Coverage

When moving from one place to another, getting a moving insurance is the best thing that you can do to protect your stuff. But you need to understand first what kind of moving insurance that you will need. Typically there are three types of moving insurance coverage. The more that you know about each of these coverages the is it that you will be able to decide.

Basic Carrier Liability also known as released value is calculated per pound of each article. Rate these days is 60 cents pr pound. If you choose this type of coverage, you need to put in mind that this coverage offers the least amount of liability from your movers.

Next type of coverage is known as Declared Value Protection.Your item’s depreciated value is considered in this type of coverage and is subjected to an additional charge based on the weight of your shipment.

Last type of coverage is Full Replacement Value. This type of coverage will cover the cost or replacement of damaged or lost items.






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