Top 3 Moving Destinations

Moving is one of the many things that make up the American way of life. The act of relocating from one place to another may be prompted by jobs, retirement and whatnot. Based on last year’s data, the top 5 moving destinations are: Houston, Orlando, Las Vegas, Chicago and Portland. People moving to these cities reach up to 1,000 moves per day. That’s how big the number of people who relocate to these cities making it their new home.

1. Houston

-Diversity is Houston’s middle name. As it has a big land area, there are a lot of people settling in this place. Its like a little “United Nations” where every country has it representative.

2. Orlando

– Blame it on the weather. A lot of people are moving to the Sunshine Stat because of its weather. A lot of retirees prefer to purchase homes in this part of the country as compared to the colder parts  the country as it may not be that friendly on their health, their arthritis to be more specific.

3. Las Vegas

– This is city is a24/7 city making it one of the busiest place in the county. As such, there are a lot of employment opportunities in Vegas. Add its Casinos, its desert weather and you have a perfect place for people who are in need of work as well as those who want to spend the twilight years of their lives having fun in this city.





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