Moving to England


Better said than done, this is what can be said about moving to England. Whatever is it that may have prompted your decision to move to England, you must know a thing or two prior to crossing the borders. For starters you need to know the basics. It may not be asked by immigration officers to you but knowing the difference between the UK, England and Britain can help you avoid offending other people.

Bear in mind that England is jut one of the constituent states. Great  Britain on the other hand is the island where Wales, England and Scotland are found and UK means United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. This may be a bit confusing but if you want to make friends with the people there or if you want to give a good first impression on the  new people that you will meet there, it pays to know a thing or two about this very basic  fact.

Since you are from the US, you have the privilege to work at a US company but you will be paid in dollars instead of the local currency in England. If you plan to work at a UK company, you need to secure a work visa. If you have pets, prepare to 6 months separation as your pet that you will bring along with you in England will be under 6 months of quarantine first.

If you are still on the process of looking for a flat, you can stay in hostels are the rates are cheaper when compared to hotels. In the UK, apartments are called flat, a house with 2 storeys is called a house and a single storey house is called a bungalow. The closer you live to the train stations the better as it will be safer and cheaper in terms of commuting though it must be noted that residences and flats in these areas are more expensive compared to those who are a bit far from the train stations.




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