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Washington DC is one of the best places to live these days as there are a lot of job opportunities in Metro DC area. While the rest of the country may still be struggling with Recession, the US capital has already kicked it in the rear. If you are one of the many who are planning to move to Washington DC, it pays a lot if you know the moving company that you ought to deal with. Below are some of the best moving companies in Metro DC area.


1.Starlight Relocation Inc. is apremier moving company in Washington DC. They offer local, international, corporate and commercial moving services. They have highly trained staff that are willing to go the extra mile just to ensure that your property with them is safe.

2. Unified Moving Services is Washington DC is another full service moving company that caters to all types of clients. They cater to commercial, personal, interstate up to international moves. In their effort to provide the best kind of service to their customers, they even move stores, offices, schools, libraries, government institutions and the like. With this company, you have what they call packing options. First type is the Packing by the owner where UMS will provide al the materials needed for the packing. Another option is packing of breakable only where breakable stuff is what they just pack and the non breakable stuff is what is left for the owner to pack. For those who do not have the time and energy to do the packing, a full service packing is offered where all things that needs to be packed are handled by their crew.

3. Precision Movers is one of the biggest moving company in Metro DC. It specializes in residential and commercial moving. It boats of its young, well educated and highly skilled crew who are ready to answer to any of your needs. For every move, an experienced foremen will see to it that everything  going well according to their own unique coding system where correct and proper placement of the items are ensured for the safety and protection of your property.




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