A Must-Read Before Moving to California


Moving to the Golden State can be both a blessing and a curse. Remember that this place is where the good is at its best and the bad is at its worst. Most people here are from other states or even other countries so you can expect a homogeneous mixture of races, color and creed.

Whatever your reason behind your move in California, there are basic things that you need to be well aware of. Below are some of the most important thing that a new Californian needs to be highly aware of:

The capital city of California is Sacramento though its highly urbanized cities as Los Angeles and San Fransciso. This is the most populous state, as a lot of people come here seek  greener pastures, live here at some point in their lives to taste the waters and even stay here for all their life.

The biggest county in all of America is the San Bernardino County which is located in California. The biggest amphitheater is the world is also found here, the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. The motto of this state is Eureka which means I found it. this phrase was applicable back in the time when California was a haven for gold hunters.




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