3 Best Cities To Live in the US



Its either you love or hate the place that you are living in now. You may be happy with your neighbors or you may want to kill them if killing were legal and not punishable by law. You may be rejuvenated by the sight and sound of your environment or you may be stressed out upon seeing your surroundings. Again it all boils down to one thing, its either you are happy or unhappy in your current location.

This unhappiness in location can lead to relocation and moving here and there. As a matter of fact, this lack of satisfaction when it comes to the location of one’s dwelling can be pointed out as one of the reasons as to why Americans move from one place to another.If you are thinking of moving yet again or if you want make up your mind about the next place that you want to settle to. Read further as these top 3 cities in the US may be able to help your reach a sound and reasonable decision.

1. Nashville, TN

- There is more to Tennessee other than country music. The mild weather and the cheap homes  are two things that brings a lot of people in this city. Homes here are reasonably priced and if you consider the positive and the negatives, the advantages of moving in this city outweighs the disadvantages.

2. Minneapolis, MN

-The diverse economy of this city makes it highly preferable place to live in. The general atmosphere of this city is progressive. it keeps on moving forward without compromising its Midwest sensibilities.

3. Alberquerque, NM

There is no better way to economize that in Albuquerque. you dollar here will go a long way, long way as compared to living in cities like NYC or LA. Just because the cost of living in this city is incredibly low does not mean that conveniences of modern life is sacrificed as a matter of fact, the city’s economy is booming as ever. Living in this place actually gives one a feel of “resort-living”.





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