What Things to Do when Moving House

What things to do when moving houseMoving a house is not an easy task – so many things to consider and be prepared for that you may think you may skip something. What to do with mail, boxes, utilities and so many other things remain as open questions. This list of things to do when moving house should help you organize your relocation better and keep under eye important details. It contains the most important steps for your relocation.

List of Things to Do When Moving House

  1. On the first place in the list comes getting a quote. Why is this so important? Getting multiple estimates will give you the opportunity to contact different moving companies, see the prices on which they work, have an impression of their customer relations. The many quotes will give you a bigger choice. And not every moving company provides all possible moving services.
  2. Also amongst the most important things to do when moving house is to find out how the company’s pricing is formed. Some movers include in their quote packing while others don’t. There are companies that charge per weight and other – per cubic foot of your belongings for long distance moves. Make sure that when you get your quote you understand what services it includes and how much does each of them cost. Different companies may apply a different policy on that.
  3. After that the things to remember to do when moving house is to ask for a visual estimateand show everything you have for moving to the moving company representative. With the in-home estimate you will get more accurate information on the costs you can expect to have for your relocation. Just keep in mind to go to every premise in your house where you have items for shipping and let the mover know about them. Draw his attention to bulky, large, fragile and valuable things.Things to do when moving house
  4. Find a professional mover. One of the things to remember to do when moving house is to check the moving company well before hiring it. Amongst the ways to avoid scam is to check well the moving company before hiring it. From all the things to do when you are moving house this is one of the basic steps and there are still people who ignore it which does not always result in their favor. The point is to protect yourself and your belongings by giving your trust only to a company that is fully licensed and functional and with good reputation. This is why checking with the Better Business Bureau and the US Department of Transportation are strongly advisable.
  5. The next one of the things to do when you are moving house is to take care of the packing right. A lot of people use second hand boxes or get boxes from supermarkets which is a cheaper option but not always the best one. Remember that you need strong and clean boxes. The ones that have been standing for a long time on the shelves in a warehouse may be already covered with dust, moist from the products inside them or dirty. New or second hand – whatever you decide to do, just make sure that the packing supplies you will use are appropriate. You can also ask the moving company to provide you with them.
  6. One of the most important things to do when moving house is to ask questions when you don’t understand something. Read the small script, ask to see the company’s office and trucks, request to know about the mover’s past experience. All these are amongst the most important questions to ask movers. Keeping yourself informed can improve drastically the quality of your relocation.
  7. Last but not least – read reviewsof movers. This can not only inform you of the way that a company works but it can also save you money literally.Things to remember when moving house

What to Do with Mail when Moving?

Change your mail with the USPS. The official online change of address form is here. What to do with mail when moving is one question that relates to changing your address when you are relocating. Let your friends, colleagues, club know you are going to have a new address soon. Think about the subscriptions you have as well.

What to Do with Utilities when Moving

Plan what to do with utilities when moving. Not every company operates in every state so when transferring your address make sure you find the corresponding provider that you need for the area where you are going to live like phone, electricity, gas, cable, etc.

What Things to Do when Moving House – to Wrap up

When you are not sure about what things to do when moving house remember that hiring a mover is something that can really contribute to a quality relocation. As moving companies are professional in what they do for them arranging a moving is their daily round they are accustomed to. Always feel free to consult your mover and ask questions because this is how you can make your move easier.

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