Warning: Illegal Moving Companies on the Move in Texas

The Texas government together with the moving industry officials are warning people about illegal moving companies operating in the state. These moving scammers either take every piece of belonging that the customers have entrusted with them without hearing another word, or asking for ransom in exchange of the belongings.

Image Source: Apex Movers

Residents are advised to check the legitimacy of companies before hiring one. Thankfully, there is a new state law that implements fines and imposes jail time on moving scammers and unlicensed moving companies.

John Walker III, member of the Texas Department Motor Vehicles Board quipped that “they are stealing a part of our lives, taking everything from irreplaceable photos to family heirlooms that no money can replace.” Walker also owns a trucking business based in Houston.

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) provides licenses to moving companies. Together with the Southwest Movers Association, they want to raise the awareness against moving scams. As reported, about 60 percent of the complaints they receive involve moving scams.

The agencies would like to remind everyone that a legitimate moving company must be able to present a vallid TxDMV or show a U.S. Department Transportation license number on their trucks.

Since summer is fast approaching people are further warned as this season is the peak of moving activities. Thus, before hiring a moving company, residents are advised to visit the TxDMV’s website at www.TxDMV.gov to find out if a particular company is legitimate.


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