Top 10 Cost Saving Tips for Cross Country Moves

Cost saving tips for cross country moveSaving money on cross country moves is not just a great idea – it is quite possible and realistic. Relocation, especially when interstate, can be quite costly and moving a three-bedroom house can go up to ,000 in price including the price for the move itself (calculated per pound for long distances), packing and insurance. Why pay all of that when you can get it down easily and still have a quality move? Here are the top 10 cost saving tips for moving.

Cost Saving Tips for Moving Cross Country Cheap

  1. Getting down the price for your cross country move should start with picking the right time to move. On one hand August and September may be very convenient for you but may not be cheap. Since most people move at the beginning or end of the month, during weekends, holidays and in summer, those are periods that are busier for the moving companies and prices go up. Also if you insist on a particular moving day that may cost you extra. On the other hand if you prefer to be flexible for your moving dates you may be moving cross country cheaper – consider moving through the middle of the month for example.
  2. Decluttering may save you more than you have expected. One of the cost saving tips for moving you can be sure of is getting rid of unwanted things. A moving sale, donating to the Salvation Army, giving things away or just selling them at ebay are all great ways to decrease your cross country moving cost.
  3. What can also save you money when moving cross country is sharing the truck with another customer of the moving company – if you are ready to move during a certain period and don’t persist over a specific day the movers can combine your relocation with someone else’s – in the one direction they can carry your things and on their way back – someone else’s.Cost saving tips for moving
  4. In order to establish the possible costs for your relocation ask for quotes and get as many as you can. Compare the prices you get and don’t pick the one that is unreasonably lower – any quote that differs significantly from the rest of the estimates you have received is not very reliable and you should beware of that company. After getting a quote ask for an estimate done in person at your home. Remember to show everything to the moving company representer. If you forget things they will add up on moving day and your cross country moving cost will raise unexpectedly.
  5. If you are worried about your valuables you can always organize to have them packed and shipped by you and your family. Of course, don’t forget that this is precisely the specialty of movers and one of the reasons you can count on them. A professional cross country mover will pack well and ship safely all of your belongings.
  6. Be careful what packing materials you choose to use especially when it comes to boxes. Sometimes second hand boxes are not always that strong and may not be able to hold up all the weight you put in them. If they break during the move itself you will lose again time and money to get new boxes and repack. In the unfortunate case of picking inappropriate boxes moving cheaper may actually become more expensive.
  7. Moving cross country cheap does not necessarily mean doing it all by yourself. Hiring unprofessional people like students or teenagers is risky as they may not be able to do the work with the right quality. Broken boxes and items is the last thing you need on moving day. And sometimes when you add up the costs you will incur by organizing a self move the final price could become as high as having a full move. Yet, it all depends on the specifics of your relocation. Compare renting a truck vs full movers and then decide.
  8. Reading reviews will also bring down your cross country moving costs. When you inform yourself of the way that a company works you become aware of those movers that could possible be scammers and those movers that charge unreasonably high.Moving cross country cheap
  9. Part of checking the mover in order to ensure that you will be moving cross country cheaply and securely is reading about it at the US Department of Transportation and is the company BBB accredited. You can also consider using a mover that participates in the ProMover Program of the American Moving and Storage Association.
  10. Try to get the costs covered by your employer if your move is job related. If you cannot do that you may still deduct the cost of your move from your taxes. The first condition for that is to work for the first year after you arrive at your new home and the second is a distance requirement – you should be moving at least 50 miles away from your current home. You can also ask the cross country moving companies for coupons or discount to get the price down.

Moving Cross Country Costs

Your interstate relocation will cost you less with the right approach. We hope that these tips will help you save money when moving cross country. If you wish to add up something more to them please feel free to share your ideas by giving your comments below.




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