The Reason Behind The Exodus from the Cities to the Suburbs


In the past, moving to the suburbs is synonymous to death by boredom. But things have changed now, the highly educated people in the cities are now opting for a better family life in the suburbs with the lawn and all as compared to the busy and cramped life in the city.

Econmics may be pointed out as the main reason as to why this exodus to the Suburbs is trending. Why live in a highly urbanized and cool city where thecost of living is as high as that of the peak of Mt. Everest when you can have an easy and comfortable life where the cost of living is affordable at the Suburbs.

These days, bars, clubs and almost everything else that you only use to find in the cities are readily available in the suburbs as well. It may not be as varaied and as complete as that of the city’s offering but it definitely can help you get by. In the suburbs is where you will find cool Hindu Temples, cool furniture shops alongside Chinese food restaurant and  stores selling Persian carpets.

The line that divides the city and the suburb is indeed blurred now.




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