Step-by-step Moving Checklist

If you are thinking to relocate or move to a new place, there are some important things that you should keep in mind. Making a moving decision is not an easy task as you need to plan in advance. There are so many things involved such as what things you should move first and even before that, when you are going to move. Well..we are going to discuss here the step-by step moving checklist so that it becomes an easy task.

Making a moving decision is not an easy task as you need to plan in advance and what are the necessary things that we have to keep in our mind, and the main thing is that when we are planning to move. We are going to discuss some moving checklists below.

1. The first step is to decide the time of moving. In most cases, it’s good to move during day time as it’s necessary because if you are staying in a rented house, you must tell your landlord about it as this is legally important.

2. Two months prior to move: Make a list of basic things such as the things which need to be moved first. Then list your second priority. Finally, mark the rest that are not required at all, shift mark them as waste and put them for a garage sale. Book a moving company early as it gets you good discounts. Make sure that your check all terms and conditions written in the agreement of the moving company to make sure that if they will fulfill your requirements or not, your furniture is insured or not.

3. One month prior to move: Contact the service providers like water, electricity, newspaper, telephone, and cable for programmed disconnection of the services. You may want these services while you are in this house and call for the same for arrangement for new home location.

4. Contact the relatives, friends, Credit Card Company, banks, post office and magazines for the change of your new address. The U.S postal service helps with provides a kit to make this easier. Start packing if you are going to pack yourself. Initiate with costly and delegate items and mark them as a fragile. Breakable items need to be packed properly in bubble wraps. Finally, pack your stuff in such as way that makes it easy to be moved.

Tip- Always keep heavy stuff in smaller boxes and lighter one in big boxes.

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