Senior Moving Services

There are challenges in any residential move, but these can be even greater when they involve moving an elderly person. When it is time to move an elderly loved one out of their lifelong home, you are no longer dealing with just the moving of goods, you are dealing with much more. In order to address this need, a new breed of company has cropped up. These companies bill themselves as ‘senior move management services’ and they deal in managing moves for senior citizens.

Moving needs are different for seniors as they may be moving into an assisted living facility, a smaller single family home, a retirement community, or even into an existing household if the senior is moving in with another family member.

A senior moving management service will assist with the normal activities like packing and unpacking, but they also pay special attention to details. For example, they make an effort to set up the new living space in a way that resembles the old living space in order to make their elderly clients feel comfortable.

As with any move, request an in home estimate and avoid companies that incorporate unethical practices like asking for large deposits up front. Look for a company that is a member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers. Do the proper research to avoid being scammed.

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