Secure Your Move Now: How to Check out a Mover

Check out a MoverWhen you are moving many things ought to be done for the perfect relocation. Checking the moving company’s license is important but if you want to be precise and more accurate you can get more information. And there are other ways for that. Securing your move’s safety matters a lot as here we are talking about your personal belongings that are important for you and knowing in which hands you leave them is a must. As a reminder it is important to note here: you should check out a mover before you hire it. Before signing anything you can easily move on to the next company if this one doesn’t suit you. In the other case you may lose your initial deposit. If you are asking yourself the question: “How do I check out moving companies?” then this article is for you.

Checking out Moving Companies’ Reliability

Every reputable mover will support you if you wish to make a background check of the company. You can discuss with the movers their experience, the number of customers they have served and you can also ask to see feedback from those customers. You can request to see the office and the trucks – they should be signified with the moving company’s details. Of course, in summer and during busy periods sometimes movers hire trucks from other companies in order to be able to complete all of the moves requested from them so remember this. Check up the storage facilities. And ask if the company is a moving broker or a moving company. You will be surprised how many people mistaken those two and use a broker instead of a mover. With a broker you don’t know which moving company will come to move your belongings and as obvious as it may be that a broker and a mover are two different things make sure you understand well who you are communicating with.

Checking out moving companies

When checking a mover you should find out if the company has all needed licensing and registration numbers issued to operate. When you go to the US Department of Transportation you will also see when entering the USDOT number of a mover if it has the right to operate interstate and the number of crashes it has had. The rating of the mover should be “satisfactory” – “conditional” means that the company was out of compliance with one or more regulations. With the USDOT number check the mover that it has an MC number as well, email, phone and website.

In the meantime discuss with your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues the moving companies they have used for their moves. What better way to check out a mover than getting real life feedback about it? Many people today also have profiles in the popular social networks like twitter, g+ and facebook so it is always a plus to share this article on your wall and ask your friends there to comment and give you some useful advice on particular moving companies. You can check moving companies like this by finding out the experience of people with them.

Read reviews about movers in order to check them better. This website is a great source for those. Check the reliability of the moving company by reading what their customers have to say about them. At the same time reading reviews is a way to avoid rogue movers. Online is a lot of information you can take a look at and it can help you a lot to cope with checking out on moving companies.

Moving Company Background Check Tools

After you have asked for a quote from different moving companies with positive reviews and good reputation you will have information for comparison. That is the moment when you should narrow down your check. Contact the movers that are reputable and ask them for in-home estimate. At this point on check out the movers that you are hesitating about hiring.

  • The American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) provides an easy to use tool which you can use to establish movers certified by AMSA.
  • You can check moving companies by entering their data on the BBB website. At the Better Business Bureau you can locate reliable movers or file a complaint if necessary.Checking movers reliability
  • Take a look at Rip-off Report – there you can file a consumer complaint and search for already filed in complaints.
  • You can check a mover at the State and Local Consumer Agencies all over the States along with Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. These offices handle complaints that they receive so contacting them may also be a good idea.
  • Go the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection where you can file a complaint and read useful information for the consumers.
  • When it comes to paying for the job done a reliable moving company will ask for a deposit – usually about 10% of the final amount and will accept ways of payment different than cash.

The purpose of this article was to show you that there are many options to approve that a moving company is reliable. At this point it is now up to you to decide how to check out a moving company. You can be as strict as you wish when checking up a mover just make sure that you are confident about your choice in the end. If you think that there is more to add to this article you can comment below.




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