Rescue from Moving Scams

Annually it is estimated that more than 2000 customers are scammed by rogue moving companies. Jody Phillips fell victim to such a scam when planning her move from Tennessee to Utah. Looking for a company online, she contracted with Neighbors Moving. The company turned out to be scam artists as they held her goods for ransom in another state, demanding more money. Phillips was able to turn to the non-profit Movers Rescue for help and guidance. With their assistance, she was able to secure delivery of her property, but still had items missing and/or damaged.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has legislation going into effect in October that will help combat the practices of fraudulent movers. Unfortunately, many consumers have fallen victim in recent times. There are a number of red flags to watch for to avoid these scams. Several were evident during Phillips’ move including the fact that the company demanded payment up front and used a non-company vehicle for the move. Consumers need to be aware of the methods used by these rogue moving companies to dupe unsuspecting customers.

Movers Rescue has managed to help more than 1000 families since 2003 in retrieving their goods from unethical moving companies. Larger, legitimate moving companies like United Van Lines and Mayflower Transit have worked to support this program and to educate consumers.

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