Planning a Big Move to Miami

Miami is ripe with people who chose the destination largely because of the unbeatable weather. Indeed, one frigid winter too many back home can prompt a move to Florida, where Miami is arguably the state’s most electric city. Beautiful beaches, sunny skies and beautiful people are only part of the story in Miami, Florida. Here are some facts about Miami to get you better acquainted with the area before the big move.

1.) More than half of the population in the city of Miami, about 60% to be precise, is comprised of people not born in the United States. No doubt that many an auto transport has been required to get vehicles over from Latin America and other areas where people have congregated to make it to Miami. Indeed, it can’t hurt to know Spanish when locating to Miami as you are just as likely to hear Spanish spoken as you are to hear English.

2.) Miami is home to the Port of Miami, a virtual gateway to the Caribbean. Providing direct transport to the islands of the Caribbean has resulted in the port becoming the most frequented passenger cruise port on earth. Indeed, many Caribbean cruises are likely to begin and finish at the Port of Miami.

3.) Keeping with the theme of Miami’s worldwide reach is the city’s lofty place in world finance. Boasting 135 financial institutions, most of which dealing with foreign agencies, has resulted in Miami becoming a virtual hub of world finance.

Aside from the sunny skies and beautiful beaches, there are many other attractions to this wonderful city. Here are just two of the many places to take the kids once you’ve settled after your Miami move.

1.) Miami Metro-Zoo. There are many advantages to the weather of Miami, not the least of which is the ability to host exotic animals from around the world. Incredibly, the zoo is completely cage free in favor of grouping animals together who would normally inhabit the same areas in the wild conflict free. Indeed, the native regions of animals such as kangaroos, baboons, and even condors are mimicked in order to give the animals and spectators the most authentic experience possible. Animals who might otherwise have a go at each other are separated by large moats.

2.) Cape Florida Lighthouse. The oldest building in southern Florida is a beautiful lighthouse approximately 200 years old. The lighthouse has been well maintained over the years and in addition to gorgeous views, you can also take part in a guided tour or eat a meal in a beautiful open air cafe. The lighthouse is open to the public and a must-visit destination for lovers of lighthouses and historical buildings.




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