Moving with Pets Made Easy

Pets are like family and moving to a new place is equally hard for them, maybe even more difficult. In most cases, pets get confused and flustered as they simply can’t understand what’s happening. This is the reason that they take time to adjust themselves while undergoing a transition. Being a pet owner, it’s your responsibility to help your little friend to easily adjust with the move without putting any adverse effect on its health. So, how to do that? Follow these tips to make a happy move for your pet:

Proper Planning
Just like for other reasons, proper planning is of great importance for pet moving too. Before moving to a new location, ensure that your pet is in good heath and confirm the same from a vet. Get them any required vaccinations and maintain a file for their health records. Make sure that your pet has a microchip-ID tag with its name, your name, address and contact number as it helps in locating your pet in case you lose them.

Pack pet items
Pack all documents and stuff related to your pet in a separate box. Tag this box so that it can be easily identified, when required. This will include everything like crate, toys, food, water, paper towels, leash, sponge and plastic bags.

Show them you care
Lots of packing boxes and people loading boxes on moving trucks may scare your pet and this may also result in over-anxiety. So, the best thing you can do is to give them the care they need and maintain their daily routine so that they don’t feel neglected. You can also ask a friend to take care of your pet temporarily and keep them away from the moving havoc.

Move your pets along
If you are moving nearby, take your pet along with you in the car. Just like you can’t leave your kids in other vehicle, you can’t leave your lovely pets too! Even if you are moving long distance in a flight, transport them via airplane.If you own a small dog or a guide dog, you may even get permission to carry it along in the passenger cabin.

Finally, don’t forget to check the climate of the new location and find out its suitability for your pet. In case it if not compatible for you little friend, it’s always better to get them a new caring house instead of taking them to an unfavorable location.

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